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Volunteers needed to model for charity posters

Following the launch of Jamie McCartney’s bras and boobs posters that he created to raise money for Breast Cancer UK (available on my web shop A2 size for £10 and 25% of sales will go to the charity) I’m working on the next pieces now and I need people in BRIGHTON to get involved…

These posters are created in the same way as his larger Physical Photography body portraits using a converted document scanner as my camera. The process slightly abstracts the body, flattening it in a comical, cartoon-like way, producing images that are at the same time realistic but non-representational. They are analogous in some ways to The Great Wall of Vagina, by having hundreds of images of different women in a grid they demonstrate human variety as a whole and do not objectify the individual. They neatly sidestep pornographic or erotic connotations, instead showing the body and underwear in a new and highly original way.

It’s fast, fun and for a good cause!! 7

Jamie has a drop-in scanning day on:

Sat 22nd March – Warehouse Gallery, Gloucester Road, Brighton. 12-6pm

He also currently has an exhibition at the above gallery and at Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green Road, London

It would be great if you could bring a selection of bras, particularly predominately red, white, blue, orange, bright colours and patterned/striped/polkadot ones. Jamie is doing the same with knickers that will also be used to create a fundraiser poster and he’s doing a bums and a groins one as well (again with a cancer charity in mind) and really want to find people with pubic hair. It’s so rare these days! You can do as few or as many of these as you like. Raid the underwear drawer and come on down… 🙂

Please spread the word, tell your mates, share the link etc. Anyone (women only, over 18) can come along, whatever their body shape, alone or with a group of mates and get scanned at the gallery in a private area. They can just turn up on those days or contact Jamie directly via email:  If you can’t make those dates then we can arrange another session at a more convenient time. If you can get a gang together even better – the more the merrier!!

Breast Cancer UK. One in eight women in this country will get breast cancer. In what is described by some as an epidemic, it is increasingly understood that environmental factors play a huge part. BCUK works on a prevention strategy that I believe is an excellent approach rather than focusing simply on a cure. At the moment I have no official connection with the charity (although we are now in talks, shh!) I just dreamed up this project and did it to raise money for them.

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