Lucky Finds #2

Sometimes, while we’re browsing the darkened corners of the internet, we stumble upon a piece of work that can’t easily be categorised but we want to bring them to you anyway. This is the second of a series: every time we find an image in isolation that has genuine artistic merit, we’ll add it to Lucky Finds. Today, it’s this…

Rare Phallic Scrimshaw "Remember Me"

Rare Phallic Scrimshaw “Remember Me”


This decorated scrimshaw container is a rare piece of nautical art. The phallus shaped antique is dated within the late 18th century and features two women in a scene depicting how the object is to be used.

Its intent is as a token of affection; a gift to a loved one as a reminder of the absent traveler’s desire while they are away at sea.

More images and information can be found on the dealership website,

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