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Designer and Event Photographer at Afterglow, plus the Brand Copy-Writer at Ann Summers.

Eveready Harton

Sometimes, just every now and then, you stumble on something so wonderfully unique that it seems almost anachronous – like, it doesn’t suit the time from which it emerged. Eveready Harton is one such example. Read the full post on my blog;

Shunga Exhibit

Yesterday, we packed up our bags and headed off to the British Museum in London to wander around the new Shunga exhibit. If you don’t know what Shunga is, here’s a representative example:   Here’s the interesting thing: we couldn’t get in. Despite Annie’s professional credentials, despite there being only […]

Street Erotica

  Street Erotica It seems that written erotica tends to divide people into three camps: those that approve of it, those that disapprove of it, and those that have no opinion either way. I would suggest that the last group is the largest, the disapproving group the noisiest and the […]