World Burlesque Games – Teaser

I’m having trouble with this write-up already simply because I have no idea where to begin… So much to share with you, all from just one night.

I wasn’t going to go, I shouldn’t have gone, have you seen my line-up this month?! Well it’s been like that for some time now, on top of the usual ‘commitments.’ I keep promising myself a day of rest and then… Fuck it, I’m not one to miss a party.

And though I’m writing this through half closed eyes, I’m glad I didn’t miss this one.

Each and every performer wowed me in a different way, so if you’re sitting comfortably…

First up was the winner of The World Burlesque Games 2011, Betty D’light and yes, delightful pretty much sums her up. This utterly stunning woman purred her way on stage and clawed at the audience for a perfect start to the show!

Next up, a duo I know through Erotic Awards, The Late Night Shop. They are brilliant! So, so funny – their facial expressions are the best in the business and their tongue in cheek acts always get the crowd giggling and cheering for more…

I also had the pleasure of seeing a number of performers for the first time, including, Marianne Cheesecake – yum! – Miss Amarettease, Frankii Wilde, Eliza Delite, Jolie Papillon, Scarlet Cuffs and Tabitha Taboo.

Raven Six stood out for me because of her dark play on Swan Lake. Her passion was astounding and she brought a fresh feel to the show. Mr Mistress worried me a touch at first, with his robes and religious stipulation… Without spoiling the end of his act though, he pulled it off well! There was another chap too which I can’t see in the WBG line-up so I’m unsure of his name, he was good fun though and brought the cheeky back.

Rubyyy Jones was of course, one of my highlights. She performed a new act which was both hilariousness and hot at the same time. Love you!

Another highlight was Anna the Hulagan. Just wow! Hula and fire and nakedness is always going to be a great mix however, I’ve seen a lot of hoopers in my days at the festivals and though no real ‘tricks’ were pulled (I’m sure she actually has many) the control she had over the hoop was just incredible.

The venue, Scala, is a beautiful building with marble staircases. It generally hosts more ‘rock nights’ than burlesque (fuck I sound old) and my only ‘shame’ for the night was the bustle of the crowd. For some reason it was very pushy even though there was enough room for all of us. This didn’t ruin the show but there were moments when it could have – trust me – so, may I suggest we rectify this by us getting tickets to the World Burlesque Games finals week and showing the audience how it’s done!

Huge thank you and congratulations to all of the performers, to the very northern host, Duke de Milo and of course to Chaz Royale for putting on such an amazing night.


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