With Bells On Party Updates!

WITH BELLS ON promises to be a fabulous mix of creativity – an interactive event with erotic crafts to explore. The night will include;

DARKROOM Photo Booth
Erotic Storyboard
A Game of Tease
Life Drawing
A Whirl of Burlesque Dance Class

Plus, Edible Goodness, Prizes to be Won and a Stage Show to blow your stockings off!

DARKROOM Photo Booth

Nate by Holly Revell

Get your sexy selves shot by Holly Revell!

She will be hosting her DARKROOM photo booth throughout the night, creating stunning images of you, sexily dressed (or undressed) for your eyes only…

Feel free to wander in to see Holly, alone, coupled up or in a group, to experience her unique style of photography, with results that capture light and movement in all the right places. They’ll be props and models if you’re feeling creative, or bring your own. And you’ll receive your new sexy pics in jpg format after the event.

Website: Holly Revell

Giant Erotic Storyboard

Share your smut with us on the Erotic Story Board…

Hosted by a number of our very own team, join Harper Eliot, Meg Philip, Jilly Boyd and Hungry Joe throughout the night and put your dirty thought on paper…

Yup, it’s the age old game of Consequences – large scale, erotica style!

Add your filthy words to the last few that you’ll be able to see by the person before you. Then roll them out of sight, leaving just a smidgen of your work on show for the next.

As with all of the activities, there’ll be prizes for enthusiasm and imagination so don’t hold back!

A Game of Tease
Tease - Display

Are you ready to play?

Tease is the liberating game for couples and groups. It’s an adult version of a classic drinking game and the monopoly style ‘chance cards’ are loaded with five levels of rewards and forfeits from massage, lap-dance and sexy fantasies… Perfect to rid any inhibitions and giggle as you get to know the other party comers!

Some of you may have met Matt, the creator of Tease, at one of our previous events. He and the lovely lady Lily will be hosting Tease so grab yourself a large one and join us as we sip and slip around the board…

Website: Teasegame.co.uk

Life Drawing & SMArt Network

Enjoy a fun filled life drawing session run by our friend Jaime, the founder of SMArt.

He’ll be on hand to charm you with tips and tricks, whilst our models pose fashionably for you.

So whether you are a natural artiste or a stick-figure extraordinaire, say hello to Jaime, pick up a pencil and play with the paper!

SMart’s philosophy is based on a model of rehabilitation through the arts.

It is a charity established in September 2000 to empower homeless and socially excluded people through creative activity and to engage them and the wider community in finding pathways to social integration. SMart Network was founded and developed by arts facilitator Jaime Bautista. Jaime has more than 30 years of experience working with severely disadvantaged people in the UK and abroad.

Website: SMArt Network

A Whirl of Burlesque Dance Class
Lolo Brow

Love burlesque? The costumes. The confidence. The sexiness that oozes from each and every performer…

Well, now’s your chance to learn a few seductive moves of your own!

The gorgeous and talented Lolo Brow will be leading A Whirl of Burlesque, a mini lesson in lewd and lustful moves. Burlesque Idol Finalist, Lolo Brow is a wonderful nut specialising in comedy and interaction, with a lot of love and bum to share!

She’ll be sharing with you, some basic steps, shimmies and shakes that will heat up any dance or bedroom floor, including The classic shimmy, bump and grind, various struts and walks.

“When you are older, you are going to dance the way your parents dance. Be afraid. Be very afraid.” ~ Vimrod

Not Tonight! Hold back this fiend of truth!

Website: Lolobrow.co.uk

Image captured by www.retrophotostudio.co.uk

Prizes to be Won!

sextoysUKxmasThe fabulous people at SexToys.co.uk are sending a bundle of goodies to the #WithBellsOn PARTY and they’ll be up for grabs throughout the night!

How can you get your naughty little hands on a prize?

Simply by joining in!

We have a number of activities for you to enjoy and the hosts will be looking after the prizes, dishing them out to anyone they deem sexy and/or silly enough…

So, dance like no-one’s watching, scribble your smut and sketch your best, be inventive in the photo booth and play your optimum game of Tease. The more fun you have and share with others, the more prizes will end up in your pockets!

Website: sextoys.co.uk

Performer: S P Howarth
SP Howarth

S.P. Howarth is a performance poet, Stuckist artist and actor.

The Shortfuse Poetry Idol Competition winner is estimated to have performed at over a hundred venues in the U.S. and U.K – including the fabulous Velvet Tongue and of course, Erotic Meet.

As you can see, he is beautifully poised and along with performing a selection of his wanton words, he will also be modelling for the life drawing session earlier in the evening – yes, ladies and gents, you get to have a good, long look at these muscles even before he hops up to entertain you!

Well educated and well versed, S.P Howarth regales erotica through time and country, with powerful prose you’ll just want to unwrap…

Website: S.P. Howarth

Performer: Cathy Flower

Cathy FlowerAustralian born, Cathy Flower has been writing and performing her work for nearly two decades, enjoying the colour and conviction of poetry from her page to the stage.
Since arriving in East London (2004) she has performed at William Blake’s 250th Birthday: Tate Britain, 1st & 2nd Sundays: The Colony Room, Book Club Boutique: Blacks Members Bar, Worm World: Foundry, Unplugged and The Spoken Space: The Poetry Cafe, Raw: The Abbey Tavern and Central Station, Jazz Verse Juke Box: Ronnie Scotts, Spoonful of Poison: Rhythm Factory, The Legion and The Victoria, Speak Easy Cafe: Shunt, Apples & Snakes, Utter!Cats and Vintage Poison Presents Killers: Whitechapel Art Gallery, Y Tuesday: The Three Kings, Erotic Meet and many other London haunts.

In 2002 she launched her debut CD of performance poetry, entitled ‘Meniscus’. CD No. 2 is in the wings alongside a hard copy volume of her poetry and visuals.

Cathy loves the oral induction, taste and mind altering pleasures of coffee, chocolate and (fine) red wine.

She has a very special treat in store for you all…

Website: Cathy Flower

Performer: Mat Fraser

Ma tFraserMat Fraser will be blowing your stockings off this Christmas with a brand new song for his character The Nude Crooner.

Rock God, Actor, Artist Model, Presenter, Cabaret Super Star and all round bloody nice bloke. Mat has hosted and been in International cabaret & burlesque extravaganza’s in London, Seattle, Holland, Portugal, Baltimore, Adelaide, Leeds, Liverpool, and Key West in Florida… And with shows like “The Freak & The Showgirl” performed along with his beautiful and brilliantly funny wife, Julie Atlas Muz, ruffling the feathers of Society, it’s no wonder that he has wowed the world for over 25 years.

Fill your glass and prepare yourself for entertainment like no other…

Website: Matfraser.co.uk

Performer: Rubyyy Jones

Rubyyy Jones by Dress Me up and Shoot MeThe wonderful, cheeky, brilliant beauty that is Rubyyy Jones will be joining us up on stage.
Many of you know Rubyyy and she is a much loved part of Erotic Meet Creative Arts.

Her acts are always guaranteed to put a big smile on your face as she takes every day events and spices them up with incredible vocals, glamour and flesh!

Playing with her audience (that’s you!) Rubyyy is funny, ballsy and utterly HOT so prepare to scream louder when she takes to the stage!

Website: Rubyyyjones.com

Image by Dress Me Up and Shoot Me

Performer: Lilly Snatchdragon

Lilly SnatchDragonYou are in for a treat.
Feast your eyes on Lilly Snatch Dragon. New to the scene, she brings the world of South east Asia with Chinese opera, water sleeves, Balinese dance and other wonders into the field of burlesque…

Feisty, fun and fit to burst, the luscious Lilly will be delivered to the stage and unwrapped just in time for Christmas…

What more could you wish for?

Website: Lilly Snatchdragon


Performer: Miss Cairo Mascara

Miss Cairo MascaraGoGo crazy for Miss Cairo Mascara – a bulshy, beautiful Gender Bending Burlesque Artiste and regular dancer at Sleaze.
With performances and an attitude to make you blush, if you have not yet had the pleasure, be warned; Once you Cairo, there’s no going back.

Website: Miss Cairo Mascara

Someone Once Told Me

yourSOTMMario will be joining us once again, to capture your smiles for his creative project, Someone Once Told Me…
Gaining insights from people across the globe, #SOTM captures simple words that have stuck with their listener.

Website: Someoneoncetoldme.com



Many thanks to all who came!

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