Well Measured Vice – Live Performance

We were fortunate enough to attend the launch of The Correspondents new single, Well Measured Vice on Friday 8th February – an event that soon sold out and saw people Facebook begging for spare tickets.

After two weeks of asking ourselves whether we were still able to stay up dancing until five in the morning, (it’s been a while) we donned tops hats and flat caps and made our way to the Electric Empire Escapade in Peckam.

What greeted us was first class electric-swing music and a crowd of party-goers that were so down to earth and fantastically energetic, creating one of those feel good evenings that stay with you long after the night bus home (or onto Soho as it was for us, now being put right back in our stride.)

Live performances included that of The McMash Clan v’s Dutty Moonshine, Odjbox and the awesome Lazy Habits plus Madame Electrifies Discotech hosted even more brass and bass upstairs.

And then of course, there was The Correspondents.

The Correspondents: Live at the launch of Well Measured Vice

The Correspondents: Live at the launch of Well Measured Vice

We believe that no introduction is necessary here.

Front-man, Mr Bruce and producer, Chucks put on a first class show, with a full room circuit stage dive to boot.

Their new single, Well Measured Vice is an eclectic mix of great music and artwork as you can see in the video below. All 2,304 frames were hand drawn by Ian Bruce who’s erotic art can also be found under the name RubiCANE.

The single asks, ‘what is life without well measured vice?’ encouraging us to embrace sexuality and accept the choices of others. With humour and style, it’s not a soap-box song, more an understanding that sex does happen, so why not enjoy it, explore it and indulge in it a little – in measured ensemble of course.

Enjoy the video below.

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