Tracey Emin and Playboy – Unlikely Bedfellows?

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In December, Tracey Emin and six other artists were selected by Playboy to create erotic art for Hugh Heffner’s aging magazine. She has submitted her work Lonely Chair V, which we can’t re-post here due to copyright restrictions, and which references her troubled teenage years.

tracey emin id rather not be paintingWe’re fascinated to see what the reaction, because the premise of this partnership throws up a lot of interesting questions. What is Playboy’s motivation? Are their intentions truly artistic? Are they trying to reposition themselves as examiners of the female form under the protection of the auspices of artistic interpretation, perhaps to counter new accusations of misogyny and objectification?

Most interesting for me will be to see how Emin, the creator of one of my personal favourite drawings ever (on the right), couple her idiosyncratic view of sexuality, particularly as expressed in works like Lonely Chair Drawing V, with the nature and reputation of a magazine like Playboy’s.

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