The History of Burlesque

I loved my history lessons. As a boy, I would sit and listen to my history teacher, Miss Rickard, talk about feudalism and imagine what she looked like naked. If she was naked, I might have paid more attention.

That’s what makes our event, the History of Burlesque, such an attractive proposition: it’s a history lesson, but not as we know it. And in fact, it’s more an excuse for us to get the UK’s lightest and brightest burlesque stars in the same room.

So on Saturday 13th July, the Horse Bar will be host to flesh, brains, humour and hubris at the Afterglow History of Burlesque event. We like this bar a lot. It’s south of the river which is a nice change, the staff are hired on the strength of their character, and the performance room itself is big enough to accommodate but small enough to feel intimate. And the owner is nice. And so are all the staff in fact. And one of the barmen used to do burlesque. And we have our own bar. And you will be there, which is the best bit.

Tickets can be bought HERE, or they can be bought on the door – cheaper in advance though so you’ll have more to drink with.

There will be stories, laughter, dancing and fire. Perfect. And Miss Rickard, if by some miracle you’re reading this, I’ll see you there. Gin and tonic, yeah?

The History of Burlesque

Want all the glittery details? Performers and prizes can be found HERE

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