The History Of Burlesque in Pics

Here are some pictures from the History of Burlesque. If you were there, thank you, it was a fantastic evening. Held to give the opportunity for people to learn more about the life of a burlesque star, to inspire and encourage creative folk and fans to meet and mix, we couldn’t have asked for a better line-up of incredibly talented artists, and a more wonderful audience of course.


Thank you to all the performers and all the speakers and everyone else who contributed to make this night special. In no particular order:


Captain Teflon, without whom the night simply wouldn’t have happened.

Lily Snatchdragon, who was the best first impression anyone can ever get. Ever.

Jo King, who is easily the most impressive and sensational woman anyone could hope to meet.

Howard Wilmot, who was funny, modest and insightful.

Lady Cheek, who is glamour.

Phil Ingud, whose handsomeness should not distract you from his professionalism.

Scarlett Belle, who more than lives up to her name. Wow.

Fanny Dent, who is the sweetest human on the planet.

Moore Morita, whose voice and performance was exceptional.

Lolo Brow, who is as clever as she is sexy as she is funny.

Snake Fervor, who lit the room in so many ways.

Snake Fervor’s fire marshal, who put everyone at ease and was completely and utterly lovely.

The gorgeous Miss A, who was the most perfect stage kitten anyone could hope for.

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