The Durex Experiment

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Durex to launch the first “Durex Experiment: Discover Great Sex”.

Join thousands of lovers globally who are exploring what great sex means to them, emotionally and physically – and having lots of fun along the way! It unlocks and reveals a series of experiments designed by myself. The four weeks’ worth of experiments kick off with fun with foreplay, then heightening sensation, moving on to adventurous play and the grand finale. There are also mini tasks for those who want to keep discovering the kind of sex that moves you.

Download the first global Durexperiment APP {iOS and Android} which allows you to measure your arousal and rate your pleasure levels. And after completing each experiment, it reveals how close you are to the Durex ‘Sweet Spot’. This can help lovers discover even more about each other, bring them closer together – and keep them smiling!


The arousal and pleasure readings were designed by Thrill Engineer Brendan Walker.

The first worldwide Durex Experiment will be inspiring lovers to love sex, while letting them find out, once and for all, which nation makes the world’s best lovers! For more

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