The Bone Yard

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The ancient cemetery of Khalid Nabi boasts the protection of the Iranian government.

The national heritage site has over 600 headstones resembling male and female genitalia which are thought to have been erected between the 17-19th centuries.

It gets its name from a nearby mausoleum believed to house the tomb of prophet Khalid bin Sinan, who is said to have been born 40 years prior to the birth of Muhammad, in c. 530.[4] and popular theories suggest a link to fertility cults and an association with a phallic religion that was practiced in India and central Asia, though so far not much is actually known about the site, shrouding it in a true sense of historical mystery.


Khalid Nabi

Khalid Nabi
Khalid Nabi 3

Khalid Nabi 4

Khalid Nabi 7

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