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With a massive catalogue of 21 books published across 33 countries and in 24 languages, Susan Quilliam is one of the most prolific, respected and experienced relationship writers in the UK, becoming popular for her ability to break complex psychological topics and present them in engaging and reader-friendly language. Her writing, even when the subject matter is very serious, is laced with humour and personality, which has helped establish her as one of the most approachable and friendly academic writers around.

She is most renowned – in the mainstream, at least – for her reinvention of the world-famous Joy Of Sex sex manual, updating it and making it more relevant for a contemporary audience. Thanks in no small part to her characteristic wit and insight, Susan’s work on the Joy Of Sex helped to make it a best-seller all over again.

And it’s not just books. Although Susan has contributed to, edited, or in some way influenced hundreds of different titles dealing with everything from sexual health to body language and psychology in children, she’s also written for virtually every major news publication and lifestyle magazine you could care to mention, alongside academic papers, press releases, marketing copy and too much more to mention – all while maintaining an endearingly modest yet authoritative tone.

escribing Susan as simply a ‘Sexpert’ is a little too narrow – her extensive training and experience has seen her turn her hand to all manner of support. Her background in psychology has given her the depth of understanding required to offer her expertise across the relationship field.

She sits on the advisory boards for the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, the Sexual Advice Association , the British Association of Sex Educators, and Women’s Health Concern. She has also been named as one of the Family Planning Association’s 21st Century Achievers.

susan quilliam headshotSusan is also a member of the Faculties of The School of Life and Your Daily Bread, and regularly offers workshops on relationships, intimacy and sexuality.

Susan has written for Relate, the UK’s leading sex and relationships charity, and for the Samaritans, and has stated that her writing and advice draws in around 25,000 letters and emails a year to her.

She also talks regularly at national and international conferences, and contributes to all manner of print and broadcast media, and has provided consultancy for major international brands.

In short: Susan’s passion is in helping individuals and choose, develop and maintain happy relationships – and not only in the personal but also the business field.

She coaches, mentors trains and consults to promote positive work relationships, and having run three of her own businesses, and having directly employed and managed over 250 people, Susan is supremely qualified to assist and advise on how to keep staff working effectively and happily.

Although Susan has offered her services to some of the world’s biggest brands (and won PR Week awards in the process), she particularly enjoys working with smaller companies succeed through excellent people management.

If these services are of interest to you, please do contact Susan using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.

Susan’s academic background is in Psychology and English, obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Liverpool and going on to earn a post-graduate certification of education, again in Psychology and English, from  Christ’s College, Liverpool.

After graduating, Susan taught English at Secondary schools for several years, before moving to London to pursue a career in publishing. Now, her academic work is incredibly broad, but focuses mostly on the psychology of intimate relationships – a subject on which she’s written extensively.

Susan offers her experience as an Agony Aunt for many major national publications, most notably Fabulous magazine, Britain’s biggest-circulation Sunday supplement, and the sexual health and erotica website Cliterati. Her friendly and authoritative  tone make her perfect for these roles, and the advice she gives is sympathetic and honest.

She appears regularly giving advice on radio and television; she appeared as the on-screen psychologist to E4′s Celebrity Wifeswap The Aftermath and from 2008-2010 answered listeners’ problem calls on her weekly two hour show on LBC 97.3.

Alongside her radio work, Susan is a regular face on television, online, in printed media and at events and conventions around the world.

She also appears regularly as the spokesperson for a number of causes, most prominently as the official Sex and Relationship Expert for the Durex brand of sexual health and pleasure products. You can see an example of Susan’s on-screen work below.

In her own words:

My passion is to help people have the best relationships they can possibly have. For over thirty years now, I’ve been using my psychology skills to do just that through my coaching, writing, training and media work.

Perhaps you want to be happier in your personal relationship. Perhaps you want a way forward around a tricky business relationship. Or perhaps you want a relationship expert to add expertise to your publication or your campaign.

If so, then I can help, just get in touch.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Susan in several different capacities. I’ve stood by her side as we persuaded Boots store staff why sexual well-being is important. I’ve listened to her discuss the impact of pornography on people’s relationships with sensitivity and understanding at an FPA debate. I’ve also consulted with her on a cacophony of media initiatives. The projects may have changed. But Susan’s passion for sexual health, knowledge about the subject, enthusiasm for what she’s working on, and warmth towards the people she’s working with never does.
Susan has offered her support and services as an expert in the field of love and sex to Greatvine for some time now. She has been an absolute asset to Greatvine covering a field of huge significance to people using the site. From one-to-one telephone support and advice by email to her free downloadable materials, Susan has made herself widely available to people in need of help in these areas. Not only does she have a hugely impressive wealth of knowledge in her field but her warm and caring yet professional manner makes her a pleasure to work with and a real comfort to clients who work with her. We are delighted to have Susan onboard with us and cannot recommend her highly enough.
Witty, fanciful, and mercifully free of moralizing.
Book review by Time Magazine

Visit Susan’s website:, read her advice on Fabulous Magazine, learn more about the Durexperiment, or find her on Amazon,


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