Sexy Architecture

Recently, this stadium (Qatar’s new Al-Wakrah sports stadium) became news because it looks a bit like a vagina.


So, in the spirit of the stadium, here are seven other vaguely rude buildings. Because we’re really mature.

7.  The Gherkin.


6. This Church.

dick church

(An image captured on GoogleMaps)

5. This vagina.

vagina room.

(Actually, this one is a bit of a cheat because it is a work of art by Amsterdam-based photographers Blommers and Niels Schumm.)

4. This staircase.

stairs 1

(By Edeltrud Taschner, though little more information can be found.)

3. THIS staircase.

stais 2

(Livraria Lello is in actual fact a bookstore located in central Porto, Portugal.)

2. This vaguely vaginal roof.



1. Whatever this Chinese building is.

cock tower

(OK, another vague cheat. This is the People’s Daily headquarters in Beijing, during construction. On completion and after the scaffolding was removed it does look a lot less phallic.)


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