The Sexiest Tour in Town

I touched very briefly on our visit to Sex Toys UK in my round up of the naughty weekend.

Well, here it is… From planning to playtime, this is my very own Toy Story…  And yes, I can confirm, they do come alive at night.

When I first made the suggestion to the beautiful Cara Sutra I was unsure how the idea of bringing a gaggle of creative deviants into her work place would be received.  Honestly, when she said yes I was buzzing!  I’d be able to say thanks in person to the folks who have so generously helped EM over the months and what better event to kick off our tours and workshops than a visit to Sex Toys UK head quarters, Net 1on1 – one of the largest sex toy companies in Britain?

I adore chatting to Cara Sutra online, she’s always so much fun and in the run up to the tour she put a lot of smiles on faces as we both got excited along with the beautiful folk who were joining us.

Usually, I spend the entire day before an EM Soho Social running around like an ant on crack organising the bits that for practical reasons have to wait until the last minute, though as we have so many members now flying in from all over Europe it made sense to hold the tour on the same day.  Fuck the ant, the first week of February I was more like a…  well, like a rampant rabbit.

On the Friday morning all was set as far as set could be, including a last minute chat to Green Carnation where I was told about a birthday booking downstairs – for a chap who it turned out I bumped into a fortnight before and had recommended the velvety venue – damn he’s got good taste in wedding music! – plus everything was printed and packed and ready for Brighton the following day.  Really.

The day began meeting members in Starbucks.  It’s at this point that I was thankful for recently posting a couple of pictures of my EM Profile. Turns out, meeting people for the first time when you only have their avitars as a visual is so much easier when they know what you look like, especially as names are also a little diverse in our creative lifestyles.  Innocent Lover Boy for example, used a different pen name to sign up for the tour and it was a good hour until I even realised who this adorable creature was.  Actually, it was at about the same time that he pulled a toy out of his inside jacket pocket, which of course sparked a number of other toys being pulled out of other peoples pockets.  The lady of the couple that sat opposite us buried her smiling face in her man’s shoulder, unaware that if this kind of talk embarrassed her, she was actually pretty lucky to get the outbound journey.

Cara came out to meet us and she led us into the show room where everyone immediately felt at home, strolling through the variety of toys on display and somewhat drawn to the door stop of a butt plug.  The gorgeous Emma settled us with tea and we all had a wonderful chat about the use of toys – how and why we use them as well as the stigma’s still attached.  It really was intriguing to discover each other’s thoughts and I kept thinking how fabulous it is that Sex Toys UK have their own friendly forum where people can speak openly about sex and toys and sexy toys.

We mounted the stairs and met the staff.  These guys are all gorgeous!  They’re also clearly very passionate about what they do which is a credit to Monique.

Entering their meeting room was like a candy store!  Loving Joy toys were spread across the large table and Tony spoke to us all about the design and production process of their own brand.  Did you know many of the toys here in the UK are pink or purple because that’s what we generally buy as a nation…  Not quite sure what that says about us…

We also had the opportunity to make our own toy suggestions and had the privilege of learning some insights into new, upcoming designs.  I’m not going to spoil any surprises, just watch this space… actually, best you watch this one! >>> *Loving Joy*

Then there was cake!  Just look…  All our senses were aroused…

We took a tour of the warehouse, had the chance to shop and when the goodie bags came out, eyes lit up.  A Massive thank you!

There were spares too, as well as the prizes to take to the Erotic Meet¹ Soho Social so, along with a stuffed suitcase, hands were FULL of “Sex Addict” bags – to the point where Innocent LB and Shalla and Jilly helped me to carry them all.

You can imagine the journey back to London right?  Our own Sex Toy army stormed the train and along with a few raised eyebrows, we met some with some fabulously intrigued men and women, some of which enthusiastically accepted a cock ring or proudly adorned a ‘Just Say Yes’ t-shirt…

The Sexy bags felt more in place as we arrived in Soho.  The adorable ‘R’ of Green Carnation was welcomed with a penis pump and I set to work decorating the venue in promo gear to the delight of Dave and guests, who were holding the birthday party downstairs…  I do love that, as much as ‘vanilla’ folk may not openly discuss sex toys on a daily basis like many of us do, when it’s cheekily there right in front of them, they can’t wait to pick things up, ask questions and want to try things out or on or in.  The sexy revolution is coming and Sex Toys UK are the perfect people to lead the way!

Again, thank you so much to Cara Sutra and the Sex Toys UK team for such a fabulous day out and for their continued support.


¹ Erotic Meet is the former name of Afterglow

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