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Rebecca helps people of all genders and sexual orientations to explore their physical, spiritual and sexual selves. Her years of experience allow her work to combine various forms of conscious and sacred sexuality techniques to enable people to expand their possibilities of sensuality, intimacy and love.

She helps people transform and expand their ideas and experiences relating to sexuality, sexual energy, and intimacy into something precious, divine and blissful. You can learn much more on her website or by attending one of her workshops.

Rebecca also writes a regular column for SexToys.co.uk, the retail division of Net 1on1. From ‘The A to Z of Sex’ to answering people’s personal issues and giving tips for a fulfilling sex life, she speaks honestly and openly on their blog, which not only helps those who read her articles but also helps drive further traffic to the online store.
ARebecca often states how fortunate she is for having met and worked with people notable in the field of sexual therapy (though I have a suspicion they same the same about her). From training, experience and intuition, she hosts some of the most talked about workshops on the London scene. Her warm personality and no-pressure approach to improving knowledge and understanding of personal and shared sexual experience is comforting, educational and enlightening for people of all walks of life.

In her own words:

Wherever you are on your sexual journey there’s always somewhere new to travel.


After our meeting I plucked up the courage to ring my wife, we met and talked and talked and decided to give it another go. I can’t believe it and we had great sex…
Thank you Rebecca,…for being you!…for all I’ve learnt, experienced and enjoyed with your help and guidance…and for being a caring, sensual and – dare I say – a very sexy woman! It’s been fun and enjoyable, intimate and pleasurable and at times an eye-opener for me. I look forward to learning and experiencing more with you. You are welcoming, friendly, understanding and lovely to be with! Much love and many thanks…
You have made an incredible difference to my life – thank you.
Sexual Alchemy with Rebecca Lowrie

Sexual Alchemy with Rebecca Lowrie

Rebecca's Sex Advice Articles

Rebecca’s Sex Advice Articles

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