November Update


Last time I wrote, I mentioned being spokesperson for pleasure brand Durex. I’ve now been doing this for six months AND very much enjoying the work – which has included a wonderful project in Venice coaching 24 couples from all over the world to improve their relationship. (Huge success – we even had one participant propose to his partner against the backdrop of a Venice sunset!)

Mention of coaching leads me on to this update… which is about my coaching practice. You probably already know about my writing, my agony aunt work and the courses I teach. What you may not know is that I also have a London practice, coaching clients who need support on relationship and sexuality issues.

It’s a huge privilege – full of both tears and laughter – and if you’d like to read some of my client testimonials, please go to—want-to-know-what-my-clients-think.

How could the coaching I do be useful to you? You could..

… use me as the ‘expert coach’ for features about relationship improvement. With New Year’s Resolutions coming up, what better time for a feature on self-development?

… use my experience with clients to help you identify the most current partnership problems in society, as hooks for future articles

… ask me for a comment, quote or analysis on the latest relationship theories, ideas and research.

… get me contributing to a Q&A on relationship problems or delivering a regular advice column.

As always, I’m up for helping out on anything to do with love or sex. My website is and/or you can contact me via Afterglow.

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