Meet the Founder of RUDE Magazine: Nicci Talbot

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Nicci Talbot is the founder and journalist for the very successful RUDE Magazine. She has been writing about sex and relationships for 15 years and is currently working on a new novel.

She also copy-writes for the luxury sex toy store,

RUDE is an online resource for better sex & relationships, health & wellbeing.

It is written and edited by a team who are passionate and committed to sex positivity, especial from a female perspective. The magazine celebrates life, love and the body with the aim to make a difference to women’s rights and lifestyles around the world.

Articles range from sex in politics and culture to interviews and reviews. They are also looking for intelligent, thought-provoking contributions that have not been previously published on the internet. Please take a look around RUDE before submitting your work to get a feel of what articles would suit their audience.

RUDE is also a supporter of The Libido Project, which is currently undergoing research into the female libido patterns with the view to better understand and therefore offer the best support in the future.

Nicci runs various meetup groups including the RUDE Lovers’ Book Club, an erotic book club for women.

In her own words:


The aim is to stimulate ideas and conversation and offer diverse perspectives on sex, love, relationships and alternative lifestyles.

We are also committed to changing the status quo around domestic violence, sexual health & reproductive rights and FGM. We want to empower women in developing countries to make a better life for themselves and their families.



The Libido Project