Comic Poetry Performer: Mel Jones

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Mel Jones delivers poems as unashamedly raunchy as they are hilarious. From her rousing celebration of homemade porn to her coquettishly brilliant comic timing, her work is brilliantly funny, cleverly written and perfectly rude.
Having been a regular performer at Kiss the Sky! Mel now co-runs Friggers of Speech, where music, art and spoken word often collide. She has also owned the stage and left audiences in stitches at events such as Velvet Tongue, Filthy Mouths, Polari and our own Erotic Haha! Comedy Night. She won Best Spoken Word Show Award Edinburgh Free Fringe 2012, and is a multiple slam and superslam winner on the London circuit.
Mel Jones presents a new collection of poems to make you laugh, cry and, possibly, barf. Mel Jones MmmmmThe title of one of her most renounced poems, Mmmmm is also that of her poetry collection book and CD, available on request.

From A Maze of Breaths: Spoken Word at PBH’s Free Fringe by PBH Free Fringe Spoken Word.

Mel is regularly up on stage, at Friggers of Speech events and many others. To keep up to date and catch her in the act, follow her Facebook page. You can also find here at Friggers of Speech.

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