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Howard Wilmot is the Artistic Director at Burlexe, a unique event that’s fast establishing itself in London. Driven, ambitious and energetic, Howard is an easily like-able and astute event organiser.

But Howard isn’t simply an events organiser; he’s also a creative entrepreneur with years of experience helping brands, companies and performance get the exposure they deserve across new and traditional media.

Howard owns a digital communications agency, All-Leo, which has seen some very lofty clients walking its halls. And he’s now seized the opportunity to create two brands that allowed him to step away from the glow of a computer screen to the glitter of burlesque.


Burlexe is “the Vagina Monologues of burlesque” created from and inspired by real-life interviews of contemporary burlesque performers as well as stories of the legends.
What Howard has created here is a theatrical blend of acting, performance, storytelling, politics and good ol’ fashioned sex appeal. It truly is a unique and fascinating blend, and each show receives great reviews. What Burlexe does so well is to allow the performers to examine their motivations even as they perform, resulting in some occasionally dark, often uplifting and always entertaining performances.

Howard has extended that perfect blend to Boylexe; much the same concept, with predominantly male performers telling their stories and engaging with the audience. Each show is different, each performer talented, and every second strong.

And the audience say:

Not what I expected, it was a great blend of burlesque performance and acting/drama/stories. Must-see!!!
The stories of these bold women are as entertaining to hear as they are enticing to behold.
The stories of these bold women are as entertaining to hear as they are enticing to behold.

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