Highly Imaginative Erotic Art You Won’t Find in a Gallery

Walk around any large gallery today and alongside sparse walls exhibiting carefully curated works on canvas, and sculpture situated within bare interiors, you will generally find a small number of, often temporary, rooms which are experience based. Kusama’s Obliteration Room at Tate Modern is a fantastic example of an artist creating an interactive space where the public’s participation develops the artwork itself. Or the ‘Rain Room‘ created by Hannes Koch, Florian Ortkrass and Stuart Wood which toured from the Barbican in London to the Yuz Museum, Shanghai, before being acquired earlier this year by Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Smaller galleries are now in abundance and often, the entire building is designed to provoke synergy and audience engagement, much like KochxBos in Amsterdam, celebrating surreal and underground art.

More and more, modern artists are taking on the experiential aspect. They are also becoming the curators, deciding how and where their works will be displayed. This thinking outside of the box is translating to dynamic art outside of the gallery. And erotica is no exception:

#1. Under the bridge

Whilst self-taught artist Sean Yoro explores all natural habitats as his canvas, he is best known for his large-scale water murals painted from his surf board. The subtle eroticism of strong women in poses of private thought, are reflected and magnified by the temperament of water as a backdrop; gently rippling and glistening but beneath which, lies tremendous power.

#2. Graffiti Fetish

INSA once described his world as “one where art, product, graffiti, fetishism, and desire collide.” Since his infamous ‘Graffiti Fetish’ photo-realistic aerosol painting made headlines at the turn of this century he continues to break the mold with incredibly detailed and ambitious projects, most recently his mind-bending ‘GIF-ITI’ work.

#3. Minimal strokes, big impact

The portfolio of Toronto-based tattoo artist, Curt Montgomery, is loaded with cheeky, minimalist designs which are regularly appreciated by his 375k Instagram followers (at time of writing). He has also transferred a number of his most popular images, toying with BDSM and squirting into bold yet sassy t-shirt designs which can be found on his website; www.daddysdayoff.com.

#4. Speaking of tattoo art… (NSFW below)

Unfortunately, we don't have the artist name to give credit, but as far as penis art goes, this must have taken an incredible amount of time to both design and create.

#5. And that moves us on nicely to Penis Latte Art

It has been doing the rounds on social media every since @dicklatte proved he had a genuine skill for drawing male genitals in latte froth. But did you know there was a ‘Penis Latte Art Contest‘ in Paris back in 2015. There was. And though this temporary masterpiece will likely never make it into a prestigious gallery, you’ve got to appreciate that it is a talent owned by few and enjoyed by many.

The stage might be changing, but the essence of art remains the same; to provoke an emotion and break the mold.

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