Get Jewish. Get Sexy.

A decade in the adult industry will change a man. I find myself mourning the loss of my ability to be shocked and surprised. That’s why the accidental discovery of Jewrotica, a website devoted to erotic writing by Jews for Jews, was such a breath of fresh air for me.

get-jewish-get-sexy-jewroticaErotica probably isn’t the first thing one associates with Judaism, which is why it gave me such a sense of delighted surprise as I ambled through the site’s pages. It’s like hearing a teacher swearing for the first time, or seeing a surgeon smoking outside the hospital.

But most interestingly, it’s no joke. Not only are many of the submissions of a very decent level of ability, but their intentions seem genuinely honourable.  Ayo Oppenheimer, the founder and Editor In Chief pictured above, claims that Jewrotica is “a guilty pleasure in-the-making with the power to provide a voice for Jewish sexual expression, a forum for meaningful learning and conversation, and an opportunity for Jewish engagement in a new and exciting way.”

So what do you think? Is there space for eroticism and erotic stimulation within conservative religion?

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