Bespoke Furniture and Pleasure Product Specialist: Erotic Artisan


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ArtisanBespoke Product DesignerDungeon and Furniture Specialist
Working under the name, Erotic Artisan, Ash is a well established fine woodworker. From cabinet making, bespoke picture frames and erotic designs, he works in partnership with clients to deliver an item of both beauty and practicality, often exceeding expectations.
Since early 2012, Ash has started to experiment with erotic product designs, specialising in dungeon furniture, including the bespoke stocks featured in the gallery below. From concept to creation, he works closely and discreetly with clients requests to produce their bespoke products. His knowledge of wood ensures that each piece is refined, elegant and functional.
Open minded to requests, Ash is professional and approachable which makes the journey of owning your custom made design a genuine pleasure. Available for hand crafted furniture or pleasure products. Service is bespoke and discreet.

In his own words:

I have worked with wood for many years and I love erotic photography and literature, so it’s fantastic to be able to combine my passions. I create bespoke designs as well as a small number of more commercial pieces. Dungeon is a specialty, including stocks, pleasure products and larger furniture pieces.

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