The Man with the Velvet Tongue: Ernesto Sarezale

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Ernesto Sarezale is a performance poet, stand-up, cabaret and video artist.
winner_newstyleErotic Award Winner for Poet of the Year 2010, Ernesto is notorious for his unorthodox approaches to performance poetry and has been a part of the London spoken word scene for many years now. His creative work includes: concrete and ‘clickable’ poetry, body art and multimedia performance (video, sound, word) and he has performed his mixture of poetry, storytelling, comedy and burlesque at some of the best-known cabaret venues.
Ernesto organises and promotes the quarterly London erotic literary soiree Velvet Tongue, which is acclaimed for bringing some of the brightest and bravest minds to the stage.

He also founded and co-hosted Homophone, an acclaimed series of poetry readings at the Poetry Cafe in 2002, GLAM SLAM, which was staged with great success at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (2008-2009) and at The Book Club in Shoreditch (2010-2011).

Publications include;

  • Po (trio): “Gnostic Rosary”, “Spam letter to Santa” (2012)
  • Polluto 4: “Velcro Hurt” (a short collection 2008)
  • P***ZINE 5: “Average” (2008)
  • Chroma 2: “The Aftermath” (2005)
  • Rising 33: “Stolen words” (2004)
  • Magma 29: “The fool” (Summer 2004)
  • Velvet Mafia, Issue 19: “I told you” & “The fool” (2006)
  • The Creative Swing CD: “Her penis”, “We want to be disturbed” (2004)
  • Taking the Mike compilation CD: “The Street” (2001)

Two of Ernesto’s poems have also been turned into songs. His sonnet “The Fall” features in Othon Mataragas’ award winning album, IMPERMANENCE (Nov. 2011), sung by Ernesto Tomasini. Plus, in the summer of 2011, his poem “72 Words” won First Prize in Tally Koren’s lyrics competition as part of her ‘72 Days’ project.


The Perverts Put Out series: San Francisco

Ernesto has so many achievements, collaborations and current projects. Here are just a few;

  • Edinburgh Fringe 2010: Premier of his one-man show, In The Name of Flesh
  • Erotic Award winner 2010
  • London’s first Male Tournament of Tease – Finals runner up
  • Write Side of the Brain festival performance
  • Farrago Zoo Award: Winner of “Best Performance by a performer working in English and another language” 2007
  • Farrago Poetry Slam Champion 2006
  • Shortfuse Poetry Idol 2004 – shortlisted



Provocative nude poetry and witty videos.Timeout
Velvet Tongue had the perfect mix of engaging and mesmerising wordplay and pure hilarity.This is Cabaret
For literature really laid bare, poet Ernesto Sarezale’s Velvet Tongue in Shoreditch is just the titillating ticket.Metro

Learn more about Ernesto and Velvet Tongue:

Visit his website,, keep up to date with events listed on Velvet Tongue, check out his performance work on Soundcloud and Vimeo or in touch via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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