Enduring Love? project

The Open University is now working on a ground-breaking project called Enduring Love?

And they invite you to get involved!

The Open University is looking for adult individuals in long-term relationships to answer a short online survey about what relationships mean today. The survey will take about 10-15 minutes to answer and is completely confidential. The results will help us understand what helps people sustain relationships even when that’s challenging.
The project aims to find out what couples do that allows relationships to last, that lets them succeed in that most challenging of tasks – continuing to love.

The research is being carried out through an online questionnaire plus some indepth interviews for willing participants. The interim results will be published in February 2013, final results 2014, with a mass market book due out the following year.

As well as being academically significant, Enduring Love? will be hugely useful for society and for ordinary folk.

Get involved! Visit www.enduringlove.co.uk

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