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Emma Buggy’s provocative sculptures and interventions often consist of an assorted commentary on sexuality, body image, voyeurism and gender identity. After graduating with a BA in sculpture from Wimbledon Collage of arts in 2007, Emma worked in Australia as a technical props artist with Big Kahoona Imagineering. She then moved to Israel, where she curated, directed and made work for a number of community and festival arts projects for almost two years. Emma is currently based at Whirled studios in Brixton with recent works emerging regularly in provocative group shows in an eclectic range of events, galleries and exhibiting spaces, such as: The Erotic Awards, The Brighton Arts Club, “The Gender Agenda” at W3 Gallery, “Modern Panic 3” at Apiary studios, regular exhibitions at Cultivate Gallery on Vyner Street and “Tweet me up” at the Tate Modern.

Emma has had her work publicized by PART Associates, Artzine, aff Knows magazine (Isreal) and xxxtravaganza magazines, and was a “State of the Arts” competition finalist at the royal academy of arts in 2008.

In early June 2013 Emma’s vulva casts and sculptures were used on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies to demonstrate various sizes of labia and to inform a discussion around female sexual health issues.

You can watch the program here: Embarrassing Bodies: Live from the Clinic

With a focus on genitalia, Emma’s vivacious and surreal body sculptures are both shocking and alluring. Their glossy shimmering exterior and pouting protruding shapes, highlight a current media and consumer obsession with wealth, glamour, beauty and perfection. Opening up and releasing the often negative stereotypes that men and women feel towards themselves. A body of sculptural installations and individual pieces often provoke conversations and discussion around the issues of identity and body image. Her pieces often promote simultaneous, opposing responses such as disgust and delight; disturbance and intrigue, repulsion and stimulation.

Emma’s collection of Vulva Shoe sculptures are currently on show as part of the Cultivation exhibition, Cultivate Gallery, Vyner Street, London.

Emma is a professional sculptor, prop maker and fine artist, she provides a wide range of skills and services including body casting, sculpting, model making, performance, illustration, alternative decoration and mural painting.

A comprehensive range of Emma’s recent works are available on her website: or say hello to Emma on Facebook and Twitter.

Please get in touch for all queries about commercial work and collaborations.

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