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Hello lovely sexy people – I am writing to you to ask whether any of would be up for helping to promote/speak/perform/contribute to an art exhibition for Women’s Aid, on National Women’s Day (8th March) which is being put on by a group of young artists, members of the charity and other creatives in London.
The details are to be confirmed, as we are in early stages of planning but I wanted to gauge interest with those I have connections with in these circles. Basically this will be a charity event, to benefit Women’s Aid and promote a positive, direct and inspiring female voice. All aspects of femininity are topics – sexuality, therapy, expression and experience. Anything you can contribute in terms of time, publicity and support would be greatly appreciated and it is such a worthy cause. Also any contacts you may have who would possibly want to get involved, I would really, truly appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon and provide details/link to other people involved as soon as I can. PLEASE NOTE – This is not a female only project, so long as you support the cause, I would love to hear from you.
Big love – Fuschia. Xx

More info here; Event – She Is.

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