Choros by Michael Langam

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Choros is a beautiful short film is by Michael Langan in collaboration with Terah Maher.

Using a visual echo technique, developed in the 1880’s, the movements of one female dancer multiply into a chorus of hypnotic imagery.

The technique was developed to study human and animal movements, most famously by Eadweard Muybridge who created the first moving picture in 1878 by taking a series of photographs which were presented on a spinning zoetrope.

The Horse in Motion

The Horse in Motion

From then, we saw creatives such as Etienne-Jules Marey and Norman McLaren develop stunning variations of this technique and now Langan, an American experimental filmmaker, steps it up another level using a more digital approach to create 13 minutes of purity, with accompanying music by Steve Reich.

It has been screened at a number of film festivals over the last year and it’s received incredible reviews. Click play below and you’ll see why.

Choros from Michael Langan on Vimeo.


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