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Cathy first lifted the quill in Sydney. Since 1991 Cathy has performed her poetry in numerous pubs, café’s, galleries and festivals including the Melbourne and Perth Fringe Festivals.

Since arriving in the United Kingdom in 2004, Cathy has performed extensively in London, on radio and a plethora of performance spaces. 2012 she won collaboratively the Best Spoken Word Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Cathy works with mixed media including acrylic, lino and objects found to create her textured and often colour infused artworks. Her first solo exhibition ‘Pleasure and Pain, Lip Balm and Water’ was held at the beginning of 2009 and she continues to exhibit in and around London.
Also an improvisational pianist, pass Cathy a glass of good red wine and relax in your seat as she settles down to the ivories.

You can find Cathy’s up and coming gigs on her website, Poet for Life.

Previous publications by Cathy Flower include;

  • Ariadne’s Thread: Literary Magazine Issue 1. March/April 2012
  • The Big Bardaid Book: A Symphony of Life: A Collection of Poetry (2012)
  • Forward Poetry: Scarecrow – online literary zine
  • Velvet Tongue: Velvet Tongue Poems
  • Poetry is the Sight Within: 8 Short Poems by Cathy Flower
  • Meniscus: Cathy Flower Poetry (CD)
  • First Breath: Poems on Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood…
  • Blue Poetry by Cathy Flower. OUT NOW!
  • Resonance FM 104.4: Art Saves Lives – Dean Stalham
  • London Fringe – Greg Tallent & Patrick Lyons
  • The Late Late Breakfast Show at the Foundry – Tracey Moberly
  • South City Radio and PH7 Radio – Patrick Lyons

Australian born, creating has always been Cathy’s oxygen, from photography and painting to the performing arts; portraying roles as an actress and as a performance artist to writing poetry, delivering her words from the page to the stage.

In her own words:

Always endeavor to exist in another realm.


Cathy is a poet and performer of immense passion and power. She is the antidote for people who think they don’t like poetry or that it’s too dull. THIS is how live poetry should be done! I notice particularly that she is popular with rock musicians who won’t sit still for poetry generally.Mardi Williams: Bass Player, Backing Vocals at The Family of Cats
Cathy is a poet of genuine passion who performs with power and authenticity.Ingrid Andrew: Artist, poet and singer song writer at HeartsSong
As an event programmer for Creative Routes a mental health arts charity that aims to challenge prejudice around mental health matters we have been keen and happy to book Cathy Flower for a number of our events over time as she is an excellent and original and powerful performer.Dave Skull: Independent Arts and Crafts Professional
Cathy Flower: Acoustic Music Project: Speak Easy Cafe @ Shunt

Cathy Flower: Acoustic Music Project: Speak Easy Cafe @ Shunt

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