Highly Imaginative Erotic Art You Won’t Find in a Gallery

Walk around any large gallery today and alongside sparse walls exhibiting carefully curated works on canvas, and sculpture situated within bare interiors, you will generally find a small number of, often temporary, rooms which are experience based. Kusama’s Obliteration Room at Tate Modern is a fantastic example of an artist creating an interactive space where the public’s […]

Chinese Erotic Art

After an incredible journey, we’re now settled in Shanghai, so I thought it apt to share a few images of erotic art through Chinese history. Chinese erotic art is not abundant online because much of it was destroyed during the Mao era, which lasted from 1949 until 1978. Erotica in […]

CALL FOR ENTRIES… 2014 International Nude Art Competition

  CALL FOR ENTRIES for one of the World’s Largest Nude Art Competitions.  Erotic Signature are looking for talented artists and photographers in our search for the World’s Best and Most Creative Nude Artworks.  Dedicated to both artists and art enthusiasts alike, Erotic Signature has put together a distinguished panel of […]

Extraordinary Hyperrealism Artworks 1

It is almost impossible to believe that the images below are not photographs. Instead, each artist has captured reality, with their own preferred medium, better than reality itself, if that is indeed possible.   Sensazioni by DiegoKoi: Charcoal pencil. Devotion by Robin Eley: Oil on Belgian linen. Veneration by Robin […]