Burlexe on a School Night

Erotic Meet Creative¹ members were invited by the beautiful Rubyyy Jones for an evening of theatre burlesque performance by the host of gorgeous ladies known as BURLEXE.

The venue, The Shadow Lounge was the perfect setting for such a show, as I took my seat on the under-lit dance floor near the front of the stage and caught up with good friends and met a few new faces too.

One of the new faces I met was a Storyteller who, having been asked to spin a tale on the subject of burlesque, found herself for the very first time, among no-one she previously knew, awaiting a style of show that she had never witnessed before. She had a huge smile in her eyes and one of the first things she said to me was how welcome she immediately felt in what to her was unknown territory.

EVERYONE was smiling in anticipation of the show and as Rubyyy Jones arrived in true glamorous style, skidding perfectly into view dressed in a sparkling jeweled head piece, I squeezed a leg (mine or other) and the show kicked off with the incredibly powerful voice of Kele le Roc.

Seriously, I know the name Kele le Roc but this is the first time I’ve seen her in action and she had such an amazing voice it was almost too strong, too perfectly tuned for the small, sexy stage.

I was wiggling the whole night.

Here, take a peek…

Each of the ladies had their own character personified and each, their story to tell. Stories of how and why women may choose to become a burlesque star were mixed in with hilarious, cutesy cabaret, super hot strip teases and even Alice in Wonderland made an appearance.

At first, I’ll be honest, I was a touch hesitant as subjects tended to focus on past fuck-ups, gender transformation and lack of funds leading the ladies to the fabulous industry which has so many stigma’s attached. I did enjoy that they went entirely into the darker side though, covering the topic of bipolar in a way that was both healthy and refreshing… But still. But then… one curvaceous diva slowly, succulently sauntered on to the stage just to say “I do it – because I LOVE it.” Good.

The night was different to any other burlesque show I’ve seen before because it wasn’t always upbeat. It wasn’t a ‘scream if you want to go higher’ night of teasing the audience so that the audience teases the performer, a round-about of flesh and puns and outrageous outfits – though there was plenty of that in between! It was a night of learning, of listening and discovery as the women of different backgrounds and different performing styles each took to the stage. It was like a backstage look at the glamorous world of burlesque.

Check out more info on their blog burlexe.com and find their next show date so that you can go. Go.

Thank you so much to all who work on BURLEXE, to Rubyyy Jones and to the stars listed below for a fabulous night! -x-

Fancy Chance,
Dympna Messenger,
Kiki Kaboom,
Gillan McGregor,
Chloe Ewart,
Luna Rosa,
Ginger Blush,
Dinah Might,
Hosted by Kele le Roc

Direction by Jayne Hardy.
And a special thanks for Burlexe and Boylexe Director, Howard Wilmot.


¹ Erotic Meet Creative is the former name of Afterglow

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