Bad Sex Media Bingo

It’s Time to Move Sex Outside the Box launches to Counter Negative Media Messages About Sex.

Sex sells, or so the old saying goes, but is what we’re seeing in the media today really sex? Much media coverage of sex is boiled down to the simplest of clichés and most sensationalised headlines, presenting a biased view of what is really going on in Britain’s bedrooms (and beyond). People with vested interests – anti-porn campaigners, people selling toys, remedies and dubious fixes – are uncritically quoted as experts. Many programmes and articles actually provide opinion, moral panic and bad science dressed up as fact – often under the guise of ‘education’.

There are many ways to spot a bad sex programme or article – one that’s been made to fit an agenda, perhaps, or one that is more about advertisers and audience figures than accuracy or helping people. So we’re inviting you to play Bad Sex Bingo with us. How many of our bingo phrases can you spot during each new programme or article about sex? Will you be able to call “House!” first?

Each of the boxes on the Bad Sex Media Bingo card is:
• Commonly repeated in the media (across broadcast, print and online media),
• Problematic and potentially harmful,
• Easily recognisable, and
• Covers a range of areas.

For each of our bad sex media examples we also have explanations saying:
• Why they are a problem,
• What negative impacts they can have, and
• What would better ways of presenting sex there are. was created by Meg Barker, Clare Bale, Kate Bevan, Petra Boynton, Ronete Cohen, Emily Dubberley, Justin Hancock and Sarah Berry – a group of therapists, educators and journalists who are all part of the Sense about Sex network ( They say:

“We are tired of the clichés and concerned that the media perpetuates unhelpful, limited and often inaccurate stereotypes about sex. We think it’s time to treat sex seriously.”

Play along on Twitter, using the hashtag is #badsexbingo.

The first show we will be playing along with is Sex Box
(Channel 4, Monday, 10pm)

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