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I’ve returned from a second visit to this erotic art exhibition in Cork Street, London as part of a group visit with Erotic Meet¹.

There’s over a hundred works on display, including two dark room photographic images by my good friend and Erotic Meet member, Holly Revell. One was taken during last years Erotic Awards – Night of the Senses Ball and the other is of the gorgeous Ashley Rider.

There’s also a very different style of erotic art by another member, Lindi Kirwin who’s illustrations create a fantasy land of naughty bits.

One of the three finalists, and yes, I’m proud to say another good friend and member of Erotic Meet is Leena McCall. I’ve been waiting to see her work in the flesh for a long time and ‘Portrait of Ruby May’ is simply stunning.

Other personal favourites include the Orc3 sculptures by Jas Davidson, Fish ‘n’ Tits by Sophie Pickard, bronze sculptures by Geogina S Paton and Nectar by Adam Stockman.

Every artist is unique and the exhibition really draws on the diversity of erotica.

They also hold evening talks on a variety of subjects – yesterday’s was an overview of erotic art history with the fountain of knowledge that is Edward Lucie-Smith.

The exhibition is running until 27th January and If you appreciate the arts, love all things erotic, I say go!

Many thanks to Kathryn Roberts, the founder and curator for putting on such a delicious exhibition.

¹ Erotic Meet Creative is the former name of Afterglow

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