Allen Jones’ Chair, Table and Hat Stand

Chair by Allen Jones
Much of Allen Jones’ work explores the theme of fetishism and most prominently rubber-wear and BDSM, with a focus on the female form.

His triptych of erotic sculptures, Chair, Table and Hat Stand (1969) caused quite a stir with feminists when they were first exhibited, subject to criticism about objectifying women.

Allen Jones Chair, Table and Hat Stand (1969)

Though, was making each fiberglass model slightly larger than life-size actually a purposeful contradiction to their submissive positions?

Chair is now on display at Tate Britain’s, ‘Art Under Attack’ exhibition, which features artworks that have been physically attacked for religious, political or aesthetic motives. According to the plinth, on the 4th March 1986 one complaint from a female viewer concluded that the sculpture was “nothing more than kinky pornography…” (As if that were a bad thing.) Four days later, on International Women Day, Chair was disfigured when two unknown women threw paint-stripper onto the lady’s acrylic face. This exposed the polyester resin underneath, ironically melting it in such a way as to resemble the scarred look of dried cum on her face and neck (Or at least, I thought so).

korova5 Interestingly, Jones turned down the request by Stanley Kubrick, to sculpt for the cult classic film, A Clockwork Orange (1971), due to there being no fee offered, though it is clear that the furniture seen in the Korova Milk Bar were still very much based on his works.

The last laugh stays with Allen however, when in May 2012 Hat Stand sold for £780,450, while Chair was sold for £836,450 and Table for £970,850.

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