About Us

Who Are We?

Afterglow can trace its origin back to May 2011, when Annie established Erotic Meet, a vibrant creative collective mostly comprising writers and artists. It grew and grew, eventually encompassing creatives from a variety of different backgrounds: photographers, artisans, event organisers, carpenters and many more. At the beginning of 2013, after nearly two years of successful events and active community participation, it was time for EMCA (Erotic Meet Creative Arts) to evolve naturally into something a little different, a little broader and a little sharper in its focus. Hence, Afterglow.

As a community, both online and at regular events, we drew upon our collective experience and contacts to showcase unique creations and organise all manner of artistic events aimed to encourage creativity and collaboration. Based in London, they attracted people from across the globe and whilst relaxed and social in their format, many truly creditable artistic endeavors and connections have been a direct result of Afterglow events.

Then in March, 2014, Annie along with her then partner – in life and Afterglow – took an incredible leap of faith and relocated to Shanghai. As the Afterglow workload was extensive and for the most part localised and voluntary, the website was re-positioned from a moderated networking platform to an information hub ensuring that content remained publicly available.

Annie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Afterglow.

This means that in some articles, written solely under the names, Afterglow, or Annie, you may find affiliate links. This supports the upkeep of the Afterglow website and I thank you for your support.

Our Events

Afterglow events were often unique and always in mind of encouraging people to get together, to enjoy sharing experiences and ideas, to find the feedback and contacts they’re looking for, and of course to have a great time.
We were the world’s first enterprise solely designed to promote creative collaboration in erotic fields.

Hosting meet-ups and socials, workshops, talks, tours, shows, exhibitions and fairs, we strongly believe that by getting together, people from differing arts can find fresh inspiration, collaborations and ultimately achieve more.

We’d like to thank everyone involved for these years of magic and mayhem!