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Provocative Sculptor: Emma Buggy

  Creative experience Emma is a professional sculptor, prop maker and fine artist, she provides a wide range of skills and services including body casting, sculpting, model making, performance, illustration, alternative decoration and mural painting. A comprehensive range of Emma’s recent works are available on her website: or say […]

Ruby Plastic by Emma Buggy

Sheela Na Gig

Perhaps you’re wondering exactly who Sheela Na Gig is. Well it’s not a person; it’s the name given to a peculiarly British type of sculpture, beginning in the 11th Century and lasting about 200 years. A Sheela Na Gig is a carved image of a woman with highly exaggerated vulva, […]

Up Against the Wall

INSA describes his world as “one where art, product, graffiti, fetishism, and desire collide.” Anyone walking past this wall in LA would have to agree. For more of INSA’s work, please check out his website, Photo’s above taken by Jack Muramatsu / and thanks given to LA Freewalls […]